Chocolate Steak Rub


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Chocolate on your steak? No we’re not crazy! It’s not going to turn your steak into a Hershey’s Kiss, instead it’s going to give your steak an amazing depth of flavor with an earthy flavor profile (think Coffee, Mexican MolĂ©, Chilli, etc) from our Organic Cacao Powder sourced from the Dominican Republic – known as one of the best tasting origins of cacao beans on the planet!

Both the Original and Extra Hot blends get their heat from our beloved native Florida Datil Pepper, direct from St Augustine, FL!

Original has a Mild heat, Extra Hot can be anywhere from a Medium to Extra Spicy depending on how much you use.

Great on Steak, Chicken, Pork, even Bacon! Apply liberally to both sides of your meat before grilling, or fry up some bacon and sprinkle some on at the end.